Terms of Services

Last update 10/16/2022 at 7:00 AM.

We have some ToS Guidelines and we're expecting from you to respect them.

Welcome guest!

These "ToS", "Guidelines" or how we like to call them "Rules",are made for you,the user,to know what can you do or not in the possesion of our website/youtube channel a.k.a Weird ML while using our services,products and music.

We have multiples ToS sections and it's in one page.So feel free to browse them:

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Funtime3Freddy3 Records

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Age requirements

We have an age requirements,because this help you if you're a kid to avoid our site/youtube channel.The minimum age requirements for our site/youtube channel for you,the user,is 13 years old.This means that if your yonger than 13 years old,you cannot use our services,of course with parental approval.

What can you expect from us?


We're making music and sell it to you,the user via our store.

What we expect from you as a user?

Follow our policies and make sure to not ruin them.

Everyone is the same

This policy is necessary because if we aren't respecting each other will be against this rule/policy and can go with a ban.

Permission to use your content

At Weird ML we'll need your permission to use your content before you can use our services and products.


Welcome to our music "tos","guidelines" or how we like to call them "rules".In here is for you,the user,to know our rules for our music.


Our music is provided to all music streaming sites by Funtime3Freddy3 Records.Check them policies so you're gonna know how we have our music in stores and how to use our music in your projects.

2.Illegal downloading

Any illegal downloading without purchasing from our store or sharing files with each others is against our rules and can be affected with a ban.


Welcome to our youtube "tos","guidelines" or how we like to call them "rules".


Welcome to our website "tos","guidelines" or how we like to call them "rules".Here we have our terms for our website.

That's it!